Ashley grew up in a small town in Iowa. A farming and factory community the local food scene consisted mainly of fast food and chain restaurants. Her first job was serving at a restaurant called Country Kitchen. She strove to find something with more passion for the food that was being served, and ended up at Geneva Golf and Country Club. This was her first real experience with real cooking and ingredients that she was unfamiliar with. Ashley learned a lot working at Geneva, picking up the feel for fine dining as well as searching for quality ingredients to provide the best experience for guests.

She has always had a passion for the food industry, spending time watching cooking shows regularly and was constantly reading cook books. She dreamed of one day opening her own bakery. After high school she finished her small business degree at the local community college. She then moved to St. Louis to attend Le Cordon Bleu culinary school. She graduated in December of 2011 with a degree in Baking and Patisserie. Her journey for a job started and she landed at Pratzel’s Wholesale Bakery.
While Ashley was at Pratzel’s she was in charge of making bread, bagels, and pastries. Pratzel’s had large clients including Barnes Jewish Hospital and Straubs markets. The production was very large scale and fast paced. This wasn’t something that Ashley was interested in. She had a passion for small business and a slower paced environment. So she decided to leave and go to Pint Size Bakery. Ashley worked at Pint Size for a little over two years and held the title head baker by time she left. She moved on to work as the Pastry Chef and kitchen manager for Baileys’ Chocolate Bar. She worked here for a year and then left to move on to Reeds American Table. She joined the Reeds team as the Assistant Pastry Chef. She has now taken the role of Executive Pastry Chef of Reeds. This is something that she has strove and work hard towards. She is excited to bring new ideas and flavors to the Reeds menu!

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