Sunday School Wine Class focuses on bubbles in December!

Champagne Method Production









This month, Sunday School will be covering the many styles of Sparkling Wines around the world. We will explore Champagne, its ins and out, the prestige factor, and try wines made in the same way from Spain, Italy, Hungary, and the United States. We will also taste wines made in different styles of wine making such as the Charmat process, sparkling red wines, and the rustic and rare Methode Ancestrale. Finally, we will cover sparkling wine’s large range when it comes to food pairing. This will be the last Sunday School until February, so don’t miss out.

Cost is $45 per person.

Please make reservations online at or call 314.899.9821.
Class– Sunday December 20 @ 3pm!

Didn’t make it? See the PDF here: Sparkling Wine Packet