Join us for our next installment of our wine class series, aptly named Sunday School.  Andrey will take on a region or style of wine and go down the proverbial rabbit hole about its historical context and wine making styles.

In April, we will be covering the beloved classic region Napa Valley. The iconic region synonymous with cult Cabernets is much broader than today than it ever has been. It has many different soil types, exposures, and microcliates that produce a myriad of styles of wine from many grapes. We will explore mountain fruit vs. valley floor, various varieties, and current releases vs. classic older vintages. The class is capped at 24 guests, and we will  be trying some very high quality wines. Cost is $55 per person.

Please make reservations online at or call 314.899.9821 .

Class– Sunday April 3rd @ 3pm!