Spring is Here!
Whether you think of it as the sexy red head on the other side of the room at a party or that ginger cousin you always beat up at Thanksgiving, you gotta admit there’s a certain charismatic, playful charm that roses exude. While some of us drink pink all year long, it is definitely a spring favorite. Trees are in bloom, the world is waking up from its winter slumber, what beverage is more symbolic of this time of year than a crisp, cold glass of pink wine.
The Reeds sommelier team searched far and wide to bring you the coolest and broadest selection of this incredibly versatile style of wine from around the world. Dry, semi-sweet, still, semi-sparkling, and fully sparkling versions will be on display. Over 15 selections in total
Tasting is from 5pm-8pm upstairs at Reeds.
Cost is $15, but is waived with any purchase.
No reservations necessary.