austria wine map

Join us for our next installment of our wine class series, aptly named Sunday School.  Andrey will take on a region or style of wine and go down the proverbial rabbit hole about its historical context and wine making styles.

In June, we will be covering one of the most   exciting and trendiest countries in the wine game today. Andrey is visiting the region in June and can shed his insight on this region with wines perfect for the summer.

We will trace Austria’s evolution as a wine growing region from the ancient days of the Roman Empire, to the birth of biodynamic farming in the 1920s, to the post WWII boom, the bust of the 1985 antifreeze scandal, and finally focus on what is happening in Osterreich today.

We will taste though:

  • Grüner-Veltliner
  • Riesling
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Zweigelt
  • St. Laurent
  • and more!

Please make reservations online at or call 314.899.9821 . Cost is $45 per person.

Class– Sunday June 26th @ 3:30pm!