Join us for our next installment of our wine class series, aptly named Sunday School.  Andrey will take on a region or style of wine and go down the proverbial rabbit hole about its historical context and wine making styles.

In September, we will explore one of the fastest growing regions in the world- Portugal. In recent years the popularity of this historic wine producing country has skyrocketed. Steeped in tradition going back to the 15th century, this powerhouse continues to produce classics such as Port and Madeira, but in recent years the focus has shifted to dry red and white wines. We will explore the history that turned this small nation into the darling of the British Empire, its decline during the 20th century, and its resurgence in the 21st. We will also try many wines that serve as a great crossover between the new world and old. Finally, we will taste vintage Madeira back to the 1960s!

Wines to be featured:

  • 2013. Lagar de Darei “Reeds American Table”. Traditional White Field Blend. Dao
  • 2006. Quinta da Boa Vista “Terras de Tavares”. Touriga Nacional/Jaen. Dao
  • 1985. Porta dos Cavaleiros “Tinto”. Traditional Field Blend. Dao
  • 2012. Quinta do Vale do Pios “Excomungado”. Unoaked Traditional Field Blend. Douro Superior
  • 2010. Quinta da Zaralhoa “Colheita”. Oaked Traditional Field Blend. Douro Superior
  • 1980. Warre’s. Traditional Fortified Field Blend. Porto
  • 1977. D’Olivares. Bual. Madeira

$50/guest. Please make reservations online at or call 314.899.9821 .

Class– Sunday September 25th @ 3:30pm!