Worried about how the election turns out? Want to scout one of your escape options? We have just the place lined up, and hey it’s only a 16 hour flight away!

Join us for our next installment of our wine class  series, aptly named Sunday School. Andrey will take on a region or style of wine and go down the proverbial rabbit hole about its historical context and wine making styles.

In November, we will explore Australia, one of the most diverse wine making regions in the world. This country, most recently known for wines of average quality with pictures of “animals doing stuff”on the labels, has definitely had to battle back from a self-imposed image of mediocrity. But today, some of the most exciting and unique wines in the world are coming from down under. 

We will try some classic styles with age as well as some unexpected surprises. Dry Riesling from Clare Valley, aged Semillon from the Hunter, old low alcohol Shiraz from Yarra, classic Barossa, and more.

8 wines in all. $50/guest. Please make reservations online at www.reedsamericantable.com or call 314.899.9821

Class– Sunday November 6th @ 3:30pm!