Sunday School is back! Last year we focused on various regions of wine production. In 2017, we would like to start off by offering something a little different. We would like to offer a different perspective. We will focus on specific grapes and/or winemaking styles.

A great place to start is by profiling a grape that is a favorite amongst sommeliers, wine enthusiasts, and beginners alike: Pinot Noir. This finnicky, fickle, thin skinned grape can produce some of the most hauntingly beautiful and ethereal wines on the planet. It can also be the source of huge disappointment, money down the drain, and scoffs from your rich Cabernet loving uncle. We will tackle why this grape is so tough to grow, and why the payoff is so great when done right.

Pinot Noir is made all over the world, into many different styles. We will taste through the following during the class:

Sparkling Blanc des Noirs
Still White
Dry Red- including Grand Cru  Burgundy, California, Germany, Oregon


Class will be on Sunday, February 12th at 2:00pm. Please note, this class is starting earlier than in the past. We would like to offer our guests the option of coming in for brunch around 1pm and staying for the tasting immediately afterwards. Cost is $55 due to the high expense of the wines- but trust us IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

This will also be the first class that will be co-led by our newest staff member, Certified Sommelier Alisha Blackwell! Please make reservations online here or by calling 314.899.9821