Join us for our next installment of our wine class  series, aptly named Sunday School. Andrey and Alisha will take on a specific grape and go down the proverbial rabbit hole about its historical context and wine making styles.

In September we will tackle one of the more intriguing and misunderstood grapes in the red lexicon, Syrah. From its tart, meaty, smoky profile in the Rhone, to its concentrated and powerful earthy style in Italy, to its bigger juicier iterations in the new world this grape should have a fan base with all red wine lovers. Join us as we explore its origins in France and its spread through Italy, the US, and Australia.

$40/guest. Please make reservations online at or call 314.899.9821

Class– Sunday September 24th @ 3pm!

Feel free to join us for brunch (please arrive by 1:45pm), or make a reservation for dinner immediately after at 5pm.