We are excited to offer the services of an off site sommelier. Available most dates with 2 weeks notice, a member of our sommelier team can come to your home or business and provide an educational experience for your friends or colleagues. All appointments are structured to the individual wishes of the guest and can range in time from a simple 1 hour basics of wine class to a guided tasting of wines from a region, to a food and wine pairing event complete with wine service and educational materials. Wines can be sourced from a guest’s own cellar or purchased at competitive rates through the retail program at Reeds. Please contact andrey@reedsamericantable.com or simply call 314.899.9822. Rates are listed below

Off Site Intro to Wine Class1.5 hours- 2 wines, $200 for up to 15 guests, $45 for each additional 15 guests 

A member of our sommelier staff will take your group through a basic introduction that consists of topics such as “what is wine?”, “what are different styles of wine?”, a beginning overview of structure of wine, and a guide to common grape varietals as well as exciting and trending newer styles. No wine background is needed, please note that this will be the same class as the one titled “Wine Basics” offered at the restaurant on the first Sunday of each month starting in October.

Sommelier off Site Events

A member of our sommelier staff will come to your venue of choice within the St. Louis metropolitan area. We offer a customized experience dependent on your exact wishes. Some ideas include

  • “Where?”: A guided tasting through a particular region of the world,
  • “What?”: A tasting of a particular type of grape from multiple regions it is grown in
  • “When?”: A comparative tasting of a particular vintage or multiple vintages from the same region
  • Themed dinner: We can coordinate with your catering partner of choice or with yourself directly to plan a beverage accompaniment to your upcoming event. At this point, Reeds American Table does not offer catering services.


  • If your off site event includes the purchase of your wine from Reeds:
    • $100 per hour, 2 hour minimum on weekdays, 3 hour minimum on weekends
  • If your off site event includes wines from your own cellar or from another source:
    • $125 per hour, 2 hour minimum on weekdays, 3 hour minimum on weekends